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& Facilities

Delta II and Delta III GE is fited with 150MW station each: built by Hitachi of Japan. The control systems were upgraded to Mark V, a fully computerized control system: for Delta II and III. While Delta I is scrapped.

Delta IV control system is also fitted with a Mark V, upgraded by GE of USA which built the station.

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Raw Materials For Production

Transcorp Ughelli Power gets supply of natural gas from Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) for Delta II & III at a gas pressure of 21 – 22bars and Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) for Delta IV at a gas pressure of 19 – 21bars, but both SPDC and NGC can compliment each other in times of emergency through a tripartite gas line valve.

The other major raw material is the atmospheric air that is filtered and compressed. Part of the air is used for cooling and atomization of the diesel fuel (where need be) for combustion during operation.

Most part of the compressed air is used for the combustion in the combustion chambers, with the natural gas.

Hydrogen is used in cooling the heavy generators at Delta IV because of the enormous heat that the generator windings emit. Hydrogen cools ten times better than air, hence its preference for air despite its high inflammability.

The hydrogen is generated locally, from the electrolysis of water. Lube oil or lubricant oil is used in the gas turbine station for lubrication of the bearings, for hydraulic pressure and heat extraction.

Components Of The Gas Turbine

  • The starting device – a 3.3Kv starting motor or prime mover in a black start system.
  • The air-filter arrangement
  • The compressor
  • The combustion chambers
  • The turbines
  • The expansion below or exhaust
  • The generator
  • The exciter

The Piping Arrangement

The piping arrangement
  • The gas supply piping
  • The lube oil piping
  • The hydraulic oil piping
  • The cooling water piping
  • The air piping
  • The hydrogen piping
  • The CO2 piping

Method Of Production Of Electricity

The gas turbine use natural gas and compressed air as fuel to burn and rotate the shaft that turns the generator thereby generating electricity. Excitation is necessary to produce the required magnetic flux.

Uses Of Electricity

Most of the electricity is transported through step up transformers and network of conductors to various location around the country in the form of grid. Some parts of the electricity are utilized locally within and outside the plant.

Hydrogen Gas Production Plant

Hydrogen gas (H2) is produced in the station for cooling the heaven General Eletronics (GE) turbine generators of Delta IV.

Plant Details
Model: 00700
Capacity: 2 x 15Nm3/h
Frequency: 50Hz
Date of Comissioning: 1998/1999

Antifire System

The plant is equipped with sprinkler and hydrant fire fighting systems with automatic CO2 high sensitive flame detector and combating mechanics for fire emergency.

The Station’s Highyard (Switchyard)

Switch Yard

The Delta IV 330KV Highyard is configured to 1 1/2 breaker system to evacuate generated electricity from six (6) units of 6 x 100 Megawatts (600MW) of the plant into the national grid for onward distribution to power consumers in and outside the country

Auxillary Facilities

The plant provides auxillary facilities for staff working in the plant, these incldudes: a staff housing estate built within the plant and a rented estate in the adjoining Ughelli metropolis. The plant also includes a standard medical clinic to provide medicare for staff and their family, in addition to specialist hospitals under retainership for referral purposes. For relaxation, a recreational club is situated in the plant for staff and their family. Lastly, a staff school comprising of a primary and secondary school in located in the staff estate to serve the educational demands of staff and the immediate community wards.

GT 13 Gas Turbine The Hydrogen Plant 120MVA Unit Power Transformer at Delta IV Delta IV cross sectional view A view of 330KV switchyard at Delta IV